Book Review: Fix It With Food by Kavita Devgan

Book Name: Fix It With Food: Superfoods To Become Super Healthy

Author: Kavita Devgan

Publisher: Rupa

Genre: Non-fiction/Health

Rating: 5/5

Book Blurb: What if you could simply eat your way to a longer, healthier life? What if there was a prescription that could help you stay fit, remain energetic, and protect your body from a host of health issues? What if there was a solution for every ailment—from fatigue to sleeping problems to weight issues? Now, there is.

fix it with food is a ground-breaking book that introduces you to simple, wholesome, everyday foods that are a treasure trove of important nutrients for optimum mental and physical health. It will provide clear information on 40 superfoods—or in other words, The world’s healthiest foods—easily available and curated for the Indian palate.

Backed by thorough research, kavita devgan has easy-to-follow advice as she meticulously explains how eating certain super foods can improve your energy, help prevent the common ailments we face every day and also,
kick-start weight loss. What’s more, she also offers not just nutritional information, but practical tips and fantastic recipes to help make these foods a part of your daily diet. In fact, you will be surprised to discover that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, it can very well be easy, affordable and most of all, delicious!.

Review: Fix It With Food is a very handy book that brings to you the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

The fast paced contemporary world has also managed to sneak in unhealthy food habits among most people. Usually, these choices are born by a desire to find recipes that are quick to prepare and easy to procure. Nobody wants to eat unhealthy food willingly but most don’t know what to eat and in what manner.

There is a lot of information freely available on the internet but most of it is copy paste and following such fad diets can cause irreparable harm to the body. Intermittent diets and ketonic diets are meant to be followed under strict guidance of a nutrition councillor after being advised to do so by a doctor. These are not meant to be used as quick fix approaches to losing weight.

Most people equate losing weight with starving oneself. This is incorrect and a healthy diet does not mean eating less but eating right. Kavita Devgan clears misconceptions and introduces many healthy food items in Fix It With Food.

“Sweet bell peppers have a compound called CH-19 Sweet. It resembles the capsaicin found in hot chillies and provides similar metabolism-boosting effects (and thus weight loss benefits). Plus, it doesn’t burn the mouth and lips like capsaicin.”

This is why Fix It With Food is so helpful. Kavita writes in a snippet like manner providing fun facts and the benefits of consuming each of the food items. The hallmark of the book is that it is written keeping in mind the average Indian. So unlike the fad diets that flood the internet or newspaper columns with exotic food items that no layman can afford, (or has access to) these food items are easy to procure and most of us already know about it. Its just that we may not have heard about their benefits.

Kavita also provides brief fun facts after each food item:

“The first banana split was made in 1904, but bananas have been around much longer than that. Also interestingly, there is a red banana that tastes like raspberry, and another called the Blue Java banana, which tastes and feels like vanilla ice cream.”

The book covers each item in a couple of pages listing its benefits, easy tips to eat it and a summary at the end. So this book can be used as a guide cookbook to keep you mindful of a healthy diet.

Ranging from apples, beetroot, papaya, watermelon to cauliflower, the book covers almost all food items you’ve eaten in your life. 10 peels that you must eat is an interesting chapter. There is a list of easy recipes in the end too.

This is a wholesome book, sort of a small encyclopedia on healthy food items. A book that will serve as a kitchen essential item for all homes.

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