New Asian Writing (NAW) is a literary community dedicated to publishing quality fiction and non-fiction with an Asian theme.

The New Asian Writing project was started at the beginning of 2010 as a Bangkok based press.

It is now being run by a team of editors based in India, UK and Ireland.

For more than two years, it accepted only short stories which were later collected in two anthologies.

Starting July 2012, New Asian Writing has decided to incorporate in its online platform other forms of writing too. As we grow and secure a steady stream of readership, we will add more features to our website.

Disclaimer– New Asian Writing and its editors do not (and cannot) approve or vet the views/opinions expressed in a particular story. The views are entirely the author’s and New Asian Writing cannot be held liable for the same. Please keep in mind that cultural values and sentiments vary from region to region and these stories cover the entire Asian region. Consider a story holistically and not in parts. Please also remember that it is only fiction and a product of the author’s imagination.

Some stories are intended at an adult audience. If you are not of legal age (as per your country’s laws) or consider such material inappropriate, please do not read and leave the website now.


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