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Rupa to publish Dhruv by KARAN VERMA

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Can love inspire you to rise above all challenges and realize your destiny? ABOUT THE BOOK ( INR 295, 224PP) Some love stories are cherished, some become folklore, but the saga of Dhruv and Emma marks the ascension of a…

Rupa to publish Jennifer by NANDITA PURI

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Despite all manner of hardship that she has had to endure, Jennifer has survived. What she deserves now is to live with dignity. ABOUT THE BOOK (INR 295, 240 PP) Seattle, Washington, 1990. It was a cold February day when…

Rupa to publish Biting the Bullet by Ajai Raj Sharma

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This is an extraordinary story of one of India’s most illustrious police chiefs, who dedicated a lifetime battling crime, corruption, terror and violence. ABOUT THE BOOK (INR 495, 204PP) Country’s top cop Ajai Raj Sharma’s journey started with policing small…