Rupa to Publish The Great Indian School Bazaar by Dev Lahiri 

The Great Indian School Bazaar by Dev Lahiri (Rs 195, 168 pp)


‘Teaching is one profession, which, I am convinced, is worth doing only if a teacher wakes up every morning with a sense of joy and excitement at the prospect of the challenges that lie ahead.’


The Great Indian School Bazaar deals with a wide range of topics, including what drives parents to admit their children to certain schools, issues faced by principals, bullying, disciplining, and how school can be made ‘fun’. There is also a section on the relevance of our education system in the current global context, in addition to an area that is very rarely discussed: the transition from school to college.

Image Credit: Rupa Publications

Image Credit: Rupa Publications

Dev Lahiri brings in his decades of experience as an educator in India as well as in the United States to reassess the education we are providing our children.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Educated at Delhi University and then at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, Dev Lahiri (1951-2018) worked in a variety of professions before settling into his passion—school-teaching. In a career spanning over three decades, he has headed the Lawrence School, Lovedale; Heritage School, Kolkata; and Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun, in addition to having taught at the Doon School. He has also done a stint in a senior position at a private boarding school in the USA. A prolific writer and keen sportsman, he has enjoyed a distinguished career both in athletics and equestrian sport at national-level. His memoirs, With a Little Help from My Friends, provide a fascinating insight into his extraordinary career as a teacher.

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