Bloomsbury to Publish Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

Bloomsbury to Publish Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

The Talented Mr Ripley meets The Secret History in this smart, compulsive and commercial debut, which is perfect for thriller fans and for millennials looking for the next big thing.

Dark, dramatic and sophisticated, film rights to Social Creature have already been pre-empted by Lionsgate.

A glamorous, covetable and contemporary hardback package which will really stand out on the bookshelves.

Tara Isabella Burton is a brilliant new voice in contemporary fiction and a highly promotable author, with extensive feature writing experience, who will be available for events and festivals.

About the book: A friendship to die for. A Ripley story for the Instagram age set in contemporary New York; a world at once sophisticated and sordid, irresistible and irresponsible, unforgettable yet unattainable.

Louise is struggling to survive in New York; juggling a series of poorly paid jobs, renting a shabby flat, being cat-called by her creepy neighbour, she dreams of being a writer.

And then one day she meets Lavinia. Lavinia who has everything – looks, money, clothes, friends, an amazing apartment…

Lavinia invites Louise into her charmed circle, takes her to underground speakeasies, the opera, shares her clothes, her drugs, her Uber account. Louise knows that this can’t last for ever, but just how far is she prepared to go to have this life? Or rather, to have Lavinia’s life?

About the author: Tara Isabella Burton is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. The winner of the Shiva Naipaul Award for Travel Writing, she has completed a Doctorate in Literature and Theology at the University of Oxford and is a prodigious travel writer, short story and scriptwriter and essayist. She currently works for Vox as their Faith and Religion Correspondent and lives in New York.

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