Westland to publish The Long Drive Home by Rishad Sam Mehta

THE LONG DRIVE HOME by Rishad Sam Mehta

20121 KMS | 1813 LITRES | 54 DAYS | 8 TIME ZONES

The great overland drive from Europe to India was Rishad’s dream since his early teens, stemming from a childhood full of family driving holidays. And when offered the chance to do it in the yet-to-be-released Audi Q7, he jumped at it.

The only hitch? His Indian passport meant he wouldn’t be able to do the conventional Europe – Turkey – Iran –Pakistan — India route. Instead, he would have to make a slight detour—only 10,000 km.

The Long Drive Home is the story of that fifty-four-day road trip, A vivid account of an adventure that spanned two continents, went through eight time zones and across nine countries—Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, Burma and India.

Written with Rishad’s trademark humour, this is a must-read for anyone who enjoys travel or reading about it.

Rishad Saam Mehta is an engineer by education, and he started to travel because he wanted to write engaging stories, take nice photographs and drive interesting cars. His brand of travel often includes road trips, adventure sports, places of historical interest and quests for local food.

He is the author of two travel books: Hot Tea Across India (2011) and Fast Cars & Fidgety Feet (2016).

Release date: 20 Nov 2018 | Publisher: Westland | Imprint: Tranquebar | Price: INR 399


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