Westland to Publish SPONGE Leadership Lessons I Learnt From My Clients by Ambi Parameswaran 

Pub date: 28 June | Imprint: Westland | Price: INR 350 | Non-Fiction

Early in Ambi’s career, he realised that some of the best lessons can be learnt if people just listen to and learn from customer interactions. A challenging customer could actually end up enriching your life with some of the most engaging conversations one could ever have. And if you approached each client conversation as an exercise in listening and learning, it was a sure-fire route to success.

In his long career in advertising, Ambi was fortunate to work with and engage with some of the most highly respected names in the Indian corporate world. This book is an attempt to present the interesting conversations Ambi had with these doyens, in an easy to read anecdotal form.

About the author: Ambi Parameswaran is Brand Strategist and Founder of Brand-Building.com. He spent a large part of his thirty-five-year marketing, sales and advertising career in helping build FCB Ulka into one of India’s biggest ad agencies. He has served as the President of The Advertising Club, Bombay, and the Advertising Agencies Association of India. He has been a speaker at TEDx, Kellogg India Conference and Jaipur Literature Festival. Ambi writes for various business publications and has authored and co-authored several books on topics ranging from brand building and advertising to consumer behavior and religion.


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