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The New Asian Writing Short Story Competition 2020 is now closed. Results will be announced early next year. Thank you for particpating in the contest!

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Call for submissions- NAW 2020 Short Story Competition

NAW will accept all stories that are set in an Asian context or have an Asian theme. The nationality of the author does not matter (we’ll consider your work even if you are from Mars). Either the stories should be set in an Asian country, should have at least one Asian citizen or some amount of Asian element. We have left the question as to what determines Asian theme open purposely so as not to restrict creativity.

The competition is open to all adults (18 plus).

Stories must be original, unpublished fiction, typed and single-spaced, and should be between 3,500 to 10,000 words (not less than 3,500 and not more than 10,000 including the title and subtitles) in length. The selected stories must not have been published previously either in print or via electronic media (including personal blogs, Facebook, and other social media spaces).

Translated works are not allowed. Stories must be in English only.

Stories must be submitted in Microsoft Word Document format, as an attachment. Do not send your story in the body of an email. One entry per author is permitted.

In the subject line of your e-mail submission write your full name and the title of your short story.

Each story must be accompanied by one-paragraph bio written in the third person. Include author’s full name, age, nationality, published work, website, etc. This must be added at the end of your short story, in the same document.  Attach a recent photograph of yourself also.

If your short story contains foreign words, include them in a Glossary at the end of your story, with all the foreign words listed in alphabetical order. All these words must be italicized in the body of your story.

End your submission with a one-paragraph summary of your short story.

All contributions accepted for the contest will receive an acknowledgement via email. All stories (three: one main prize winner and two consolation prize entries) accepted for the contest will be published on New Asian Writing’s website. Remaining stories that are not selected will not be published or used in any manner by New Asian Writing. All rights revert back to the author on publication.

Once the contest ends, one winner will be selected and will be offered the prize money ($1000) either through PayPal or via direct transfer. Two consolation prizes (Three books or an equivalent amount in home currency) will also be offered. All contestants must possess a bank account and a PayPal account in their own name with facility to receive electronic funds. If the author cannot accept the award due to any reason, the prize will be offered to the next chosen contestant. If you are living in a country where PayPal does not offer services and you do not have a bank account in your name, do not participate in this contest.

Once the contest ends, NAW will contact the selected author and offer the prize. At such a time, relevant details (government issued ID held in hand with a selfie) will be asked. If you are not comfortable sharing the details to prove your identity, do not participate in this contest.

The last day for submitting short stories for NAW 2020 short story competition is 30 November, 2020.

Submissions may solely be sent via e-mail to:

By submitting your short story to New Asian Writing, you hereby agree to our Copyright clauses detailed below.

Formatting Guidelines

Use only Times New Roman point 12 for the body of the text, glossary, and bio. Make sure the text is single-spaced and flushed left.

Do not introduce any headers, footers, section divisions, etc., apart from page number (bottom page, center).

Use bold for the main title and the author’s name only.

Indent all paragraphs of your text with one TAB. Do not leave one-line spaces between paragraphs.

If you want to delineate a pause in the course of your narrative, use ***.

Use “double quotation marks” for all quotations, use ‘single quotation marks’ only for “quotations ‘within’ quotations.” Make sure that all commas and periods are within quotation marks (,” or .” and not: ”, or ”.). Do not make two or more spaces between words or after a full-stop instead of one.

Copyright Notice

Authors will give New Asian Writing permission to publish their work on our website. We retain irrevocable first electronic rights.

By submitting a story, you certify that the work is original and you are the copyright holder of any quotes used.

After the work is published in New Asian Writing, the copyright reverts back to the original author. The same story cannot be submitted to another electronic medium for a period of one year but can be submitted to a print media. After an year, the author is free to publish the story in any medium. Try to acknowledge the fact that the story was first published on New Asian Writing if you can. If you need to publish it with a non-profit organisation or for educational purposes, contact the Eds at the same email ID and permission maybe granted on a case by case basis. 

New Asian Writing will publish the selected stories on the website and promote the same.

By submitting your short story to New Asian Writing, you hereby agree to the above copyright clauses.

Please be advised that if you wish to post the story on your personal blog, post an abstract or paragraph and give the link of New Asian Writing to prevent duplication of content on the web. Do not copy-paste the entire text please.

Good luck and happy writing!

Before sending your submission, please go through the following check list and ensure that you have followed all guidelines. Incomplete submissions will be summarily rejected.

The entry should include-

1. Name of author and title of story in the subject line.

2. Glossary of foreign words (if any), one para author’s bio and a summary of the short story in the same document at the end.

3. A recent photograph of the author (attached separately in jpeg format). File name should be same as author’s name.

Failure to adhere to submission guidelines will result in rejection. The entry will not be read unless all formalities are complete.

Please subscribe to the site for receiving updates as individual replies to queries may not be possible. NAW Twitter handle will reply to the queries on submission guidelines. Please do not email with queries.

NAW Poetry – Submissions Guidelines

NAW seeks submission of poetry from all over the world. There is no limitation or restriction for poetry.

Submit your work to with NAW Poetry submission in the subject line. English translations of poems from other languages are also considered.

Title and author’s name should be marked in bold. A recent Author photo should also be attached in the same email.

Submissions are open all-year round.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed but do inform us if the poem is selected for publication before it is published on NAW.

Please send us no more than five poems at a time.

Send your work as an attachment (word file only) with your brief bio and a picture of you (passport size)

NAW acquires first rights for publication. Upon publication, rights revert back to the author. However, NAW reserves the right to publish the work in a print anthology at a later date, and to archive the work on its site. Once the poem is published on NAW, the poet is free to submit it elsewhere. However, please try to acknowledge that the poem was first published on New Asian Writing. 

Before sending us an entry, please ensure that:

You have attached the poems (no more than five) in a separate word file.

You have attached author’s picture in jpeg format.

That author’s name and Title are marked in bold.


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