Rupa to publish PERFECT PARENTING: How to raise happy and successful children by Sushant Kalra

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa



Some people say parenting comes naturally to you once you become a parent. 

But does it?   

Some people think that there is only one perfect approach to parenting. But can one approach apply equally to individuals who think, feel and respond differently? 

Some people believe that parenting is simply about applying the lessons we learnt from our parents’ experience of raising us. But can we ignore the fact that times have changed and our children’s lives have been further complicated by pace, competitiveness and social media? 

Perfect Parenting breaks the myth that parenting is not something to be learnt. Drawing heavily on his experience of working with thousands of parents and children, Sushant Kalra helps you unlearn set ways of thinking and learn a new approach to raising happy and successful children. 

SUSHANT KALRA, a father of two, is the founder of the Parwarish Institute of Parenting. His professional experience of over 28 years spans across the Manufacturing, Venture Capital Financing, Banking, Insurance and Education & Training industries. He has trained over 8000 employees in various Change Management, Process Optimization and new Process projects. Parwarish has trained over 18000 parents and more than 25000 teachers across the world. Parwarish has won several awards for its work, including the Best Teacher and Parent Coach Award from the Federation of Public Schools of Delhi, the Education INNOVATOR Award at the 5th Ed Leadership International Conference, from The Center For Innovation in Education, USA and the Courageous Class award conferred by the Kenneth Cole Foundation USA. 

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