Penguin to Publish THE LORD AND MASTER OF GUJARAT by K.M.Munshi translated by Rita Kothari and Abhijit Kothari

Arguably K.M. Munshi’s best known work of passion, intrigue and adventure…


translated by Rita Kothari and Abhijit Kothari

The kingdom of Patan is under attack from the army of Avanti. People have fled their villages to seek refuge in the city. Amidst the mounting panic, the arrival of Kaak, a young warrior from Laat, sets in motion a frantic chain of events.

The Lord and Master of Gujarat is set four years after the events of The Glory of Patan. Abounding in conspiracies, heroism and romance, it unfolds at a dizzying speed. From the spectacular rise of Siddhraj Jaysinh to the mounting intrigues surrounding the consolidation of Gujarat, from the growing romance between Kaak and Manjari to the escalating tension between Munjal Mehta and Kirtidev over the future of the kingdom, this is an epic novel in the grand tradition of Alexandre Dumas. Arguably K.M. Munshi’s best-known work, it deftly weaves state politics and battles with personal trials and tribulations into one glorious tapestry.

About the author: K.M. MUNSHI is one of Gujarat’s most well-known literary writers. His historical novels have contributed profoundly to the sense of past that Gujarat lives with. A multifaceted personality, Munshi was a prominent lawyer, freedom fighter and politician. He was also the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

About the translators: RITA KOTHARI teaches at the department of English in Ashoka University, Sonipat. She is a leading theoretician in translation studies and has also written extensively on Sindh, Gujarat, and language politics in India. Her notable translations include Angaliyat: The StepchildUnbordered Memories: Sindhi Stories of Partition and Fence.

ABHIJIT KOTHARI combines sociology, business and management in his research and teaching. He lives in Ahmedabad, where he runs his own business.

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