Book Review: Yoga & Stress Management by Acharya Yatendra

Book Name: Yoga & Stress Management

Author: Acharya Yatendra

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Non-fiction

Rating: 3.8/5

Book Blurb: Yoga & stress management is a therapeutic guide for those dealing with mental and physical stress, as well as a reference book for healthy living. Although urban work culture has greatly improved the individual economic status, it has grossly diminished br>
Nature’s endowments. While modern psychology effectively helps in creating an awareness of what causes this, the Yoga philosophy is capable of changing one’s overall attitude towards life. This book combines both and provides valuable guidelines, tips, and techniques. Yoga offers the complete toolkit to deal with psychological and psycho-somatic disorders that are globally on the rise. With yogic techniques one can understand the nature of human consciousness and attain its higher stages. Using yogic practices like meditation and Pranayama, one can delve deep within and connect the body and mind to the inner self. By enhancing the latent energy in man, yoga offers a holistic solution to erase conflicts, suppression, and sensitivity.

Review: Yoga & Stress Management deals with a detailed discussion on stress. How it is caused, major factors and how to deal with it in this modern world.

“Spielberger defines stress as the interaction between the coping skills of the individual and the demands of the environment.”

The entire book and bulk of the material deals with discussions on stress and how to identify and rate your stress levels. It deals with the food habits and daily routines that may also cause towards an increase in stress levels.

It is well established that yoga can help in managing stress but it takes a lot of practise and maintaining balance in diet and thought process to see any visible changes. Unlike other forms of medication, yoga therapy is meant to be incorporated into the daily schedule as a lifestyle habit for any meaningful changes. People expecting overnight changes will not find this book useful but those willing to spend time and effort in learning the wisdom contained in these pages can definitely give it a try.

There are pictures for illustrating the various asanas or poses. The book deals with a lot of theory but since it is meant to be an introductory book, it helps to provide a perspective before going into the details of yoga asanas and pranayama techniques.

The later chapters discuss the techniques derived from Yoga that can help in managing stress levels. Pranayama is discussed in detail and various breathing exercises that can help in managing stress are elaborated upon. Viapssana and Pancha Kosha techqniues are also discussed briefly. This is a perfect beginner’s book and can be a starting point for people who are interested in learning about the benefits of breathing exercises in managing stress.

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