Book Review: Make Your Own Luck by Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan

Book Name: Make Your Own Luck

Authors: Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Non-fiction

Rating: 4.5/5

Book Blurb: What does it take to have a successful sales career?

What does it take to create a billion dollar startup?;

What does it take to move up and get promoted in your corporate career?

What does it take to succeed in life?
It takes luck.
Yes, some people are born into it. Some people fall into it.
This book, for the first time, shares insights by two people──one, a startup founder and investor in India; and the other, a successful executive of a Fortune 500 company in the US──on how to increase the odds of success.
You don’t have to be born into luck. You now have a chance to make your own.
Whether it is landing the ideal job, surpassing your sales goals, or generating that billion-dollar startup idea, or finding ways to grow your business, you need an edge, an advantage—“luck accelerators” that help you and your business stand out, boosting you to new heights.
Learn why it is not good enough to be better—instead, you need to be different. Understand why you don’t need a plan B, but instead need multiple plan As; what it means to have a Beginner’s Mind; and many other insights that you need to practise to increase your odds of success.
Also, read the stories behind what it took to write the first investment cheques into today’s unicorns—Ola and Druva— when they were unknown and struggling for revenue.
Stop waiting for luck to come into your life.

Start making your own luck.

Review: Make Your Own Luck is written in an easy, conservational tone and brings real-life examples from some of the insiders in the industry.

“It’s about choices and chances.”

Nurturing a start-up is a very difficult activity and takes a lot of effort- even then there is no guarantee that the venture will ultimately materialize. Make Your Own Luck emphasizes easy hacks that everybody can easily learn and follow to find success in life.

Each chapter follows a few action points that can be noted down for further follow-up. This is a very helpful book and is a great resource to learn the strategies behind successful investments such as OLA.

All major action points are given in bold for easy follow-up and recall.

“To truly transform ourselves, we must do what is hard.”

Through personalized experiences, Make Your Own Luck emphasizes the importance of perseverance and sincere effort. There are many principles that will be useful to not just people in the management field but anybody who is looking to improve his work life.

The book is limited to personal accounts and it would have helped if greater learnings from similar start-ups (the ones that failed) were also incorporated in the book.

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