Book Review: Ghosts of the Silent Hills

Book Name: Ghosts of the Silent Hills

Author: Anita Krishan

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 3.8/5

Book Blurb: The dead do not rest till they get what they want. You have arrived in the hills. In here, you are surrounded by dense, menacing forests, enveloped in a deadly silence… You never know what lurks here in the Cold, dark night. Do not walk alone after sunset in the hills. A beautiful woman in white haunts the Lonely pathways, looking to enchant and ensnare men… All the people who died in accidents here… They say you hear their screams at night. And the deserted lodges sitting amidst lush greenery and calm streams… Spirits lie in wait here, ready to prey on the living. There are sceptics who did not heed these warnings. They tried to rationalize what they saw, what they felt. But when they came face to face with the beings that they believed didn’t exist, they couldn’t run away anymore… Ghosts of the silent hills is a collection that will make your nights a little scarier, encompassing the very best spine-chilling stories based on true hauntings.

Review: Ghosts of the Silent Hills takes you on a spooky journey. It is sure to remind you of your childhood days. Almost everybody has memories of some aunt or old person who excelled at recounting such haunted tales.

The language is simple and the stories will get you hooked to this book.

Anita Krishan writes well and is adept at establishing settings that serve the narration. These stories are perfect for reading on a lonely night.

This genre is a bit unexplored in Indian fiction so this is a welcome change. Very few contemporary Indian authors have tried their hand at similar stuff. Everybody likes reading about paranormal events but writing it down in an engaging manner is a difficult task. Anita has managed to convey the thrill and suspense in each of the stories.

However, there is some redundancy and some more diverse tales would have helped this book.

“Neema’s hand froze at the wheel of the machine. The tick-tack of the running machine slowed down. The wheel continued to move for a while and then gradually stopped.”

This book is a collection of such haunted tales. The Third Housemate and A Little Girl’s Mission are some notable stories that could really scare you.

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