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Book Review: Himalayan Challenge by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Picture Credit: Rupa

Book Name: Himalayan Challenge Author: Subramanian Swamy Publisher: Rupa Genre:Non-fiction Rating: 4.9/5 Book Blurb: In September 1978, at the invitation of the prestigious Chinese people’s Institute of foreign affairs, Subramanian Swamy, then a Lok Sabha member of Parliament of the…

Book Review: Buddha in Gandhara by Sunita Dwivedi

Picture Credit: Rupa

Book Name: Buddha in Gandhara Author: Sunita Dwivedi Genre: Non-fiction/History Publisher: Rupa Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: Buddha in Gandhara is the saga of ancient Buddhist cities of Gandhara—a region that extended from north-western Pakistan to eastern and north-eastern Afghanistan. It…

Book Review: 50 Desi Super Drinks by Lovneet Batra

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Book Name: 50 Desi Super Drinks Author: Lovneet Batra Publisher: Rupa Genre: Non-fiction Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: Discover how papaya can help you have a healthy gut. Learn how to burn fat with a three-ingredient juice. Experience how kahwa can…