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Rupa to publish My Mother, My Hero by Achyuta Samanta

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ABOUT THE BOOK (INR295, 192PP) This is the story of the triumph of an ordinary woman who had the extraordinary power to battle every adversity, every challenge. Nilimarani Samanta was the mother of Dr Achyuta Samanta, the world-renowned educationist, entrepreneur…

Book Review: Mission Accomplished by Virender Kapoor

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Book Name: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Applying Military Principles to Real Life Author: Virender Kapoor Genre: Non-fiction Publisher: Rupa Rating: 4.5/5 Book Blurb: There is a lot one can learn from military ethos and practices. Written around 500 BCE, The Art of…

Book Review: The Gut by Payal Kothari

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Book Name: The Gut Author: Payal Kothari Publisher: Rupa Genre: Non-fiction Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: How does the gut affect immunity? What is the connection of our gut and mental health? How can we cure issues like acidity, obesity and…

Book Review: Himalayan Challenge by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

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Book Name: Himalayan Challenge Author: Subramanian Swamy Publisher: Rupa Genre:Non-fiction Rating: 4.9/5 Book Blurb: In September 1978, at the invitation of the prestigious Chinese people’s Institute of foreign affairs, Subramanian Swamy, then a Lok Sabha member of Parliament of the…

Book Review: Buddha in Gandhara by Sunita Dwivedi

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Book Name: Buddha in Gandhara Author: Sunita Dwivedi Genre: Non-fiction/History Publisher: Rupa Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: Buddha in Gandhara is the saga of ancient Buddhist cities of Gandhara—a region that extended from north-western Pakistan to eastern and north-eastern Afghanistan. It…

Book Review: 50 Desi Super Drinks by Lovneet Batra

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Book Name: 50 Desi Super Drinks Author: Lovneet Batra Publisher: Rupa Genre: Non-fiction Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: Discover how papaya can help you have a healthy gut. Learn how to burn fat with a three-ingredient juice. Experience how kahwa can…