Westland to Publish A SECRET HISTORY OF COMPASSION by Paul Zacharia

The art of lying reaches the zenith of its glory as Lord Spider, famous author of popular fiction, J.L. Pillai, eminent executioner, aspiring writer, shape-shifter and meditative voyeur, and Rosi, Spider’s wife and freelancing philosopher, get together to write an essay on Compassion for the Communist Party.

God herself is here. So is Stalin (whose real identity is now revealed). And Satan (whose true nature is finally discovered). As also a Gandhi doppelganger. And making a guest appearance in this pre-truth tale about a post-truth literary partnership is Jesus in his 37th incarnation. Other personalities include Brother Dog, the cynic of the household, Tarzan, a well-known stud bull, and Pretty Man, a snake-father.

Flying and shape-changing flourish in this wordy world. There’s virginity in the air. If there’s madness, there’s no evidence of it. And far away waits the Valley of Lost Songs.   

By one of India’s foremost writers, widely known for his wicked turn of phrase and unfailing irreverence for the Establishment, this is a novel in brilliant, irresistible freefall.

Paul Zacharia is a Distinguished Fellow of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi. He has received the Kendra Sahitya Akademi and Kerala Sahitya Akademi awards. He lives in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Imprint: Context | Price: INR 699 | Pub date: 28 Feb 2019

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