‘We are one’ by Rachana Patni

We had managed to cheat it

Through affluence and development

Through barricades and gates

And it has evolved,  mutated, we say,

To show us where

We were stuck

Where we suck.

Death is a great equalizer.

We are only well,

If we are all well.

We are only content

If we are all content.

We are all ok

Only if we are all ok.

The air we breathe is one.

We cannot just locate it in

Polluted cities

Hot spot zones.

The garbage we create is dumped

In one Earth, all those landfills

And toxicity,

When we send if off-shore,

That’s just a sham.

We are one.

We all need to heal

If we can learn to

Be connected in despair

We can be connected

In repair.

Death is a great equalizer,

It has mutated, evolved, to teach us

That we were always One.

We cannot cut ourselves from

The Other

As we always have.

To our own detriment.

We are one.

The mushroom is the sky

The lion is the elephant

The elephant is the rhododendron,

The rhododendron is the fox

The fox is the fish,

The fish is the snake,

The snake is the human.

That human is you.

That you is me

I am you.

We are one.

Poet’s Bio: Dr. Rachana Patni is a social psychologist and leadership consultant, engaged with her world as a bricoleur, crafting words with love as a narrative therapist and a poet.

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