‘The dying of the day’ by Lily C. Fen

Lying on an island of sand

that appeared

thirty minutes ago.


the season’s low tide

has given way to the day’s current.



is my island


Lady Sun



she slowly slides behind the mountains at the edge of the sea

rocks peek out and tufts of sea grass sway on exposed sand bed


nieces whisper secretly about their latest find

a seashell here, and a mysterious rock verdant


alive in the dancing water

glowing emerald in the late sun


sister bathed in the glow of afternoon



the dying of the day.


Poet’s Bio:

Lily C. FenLily C. Fen holds an MA in English Language Studies from the University of the Philippines and is a travel writer and photographer for Philippine publications such as VIEW, Balikbayan, and Travel Now.  Before moving to Europe, she was once announcer on Philippine FM radio station, Mellow 947.  Lily lives between the cities of Prague and Zurich in Central Europe, where she works in advertising.

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