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Book Review: Cliffhangers by Sabin Iqbal

Picture Credit: Aleph Book Company

Book Name: Cliffhangers Author: Sabin Iqbal Publisher: Aleph Book Company Genre: Fiction Rating: 4.9/5 Book Blurb: On New Year’s Eve, a tourist is raped in Kadaloor, a tranquil fishing village on the southern coast of the country. The chief suspects…

Book Review: New Kings of the World by Fatima Bhutto

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Book Name: New Kings of the World Author: Fatima Bhutto Publisher: Aleph Genre: Non-fiction Rating: 3.8/5 Book Blurb: There is a vast cultural movement emerging from the Global South and sweeping all before it. India’s Shah Rukh Khan, after all,…

Book Review: Gunboat Jack by Timeri N. Murari

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Book Name: Gunboat Jack Author: Timeri N. Murari Publisher: Aleph Genre: Fiction Rating: 4/5 Book Blurb: Based on a real-life character, a legendary American boxer who lived in Bangalore in the 1960s and the 1970s, Timeri N. Murari’s novel tells…