Rupa to publish THE MOST NOTORIOUS JAILBREAKERS: Untold Stories of Escaped Convicts by Abeer Kapoor

Behind Every Successful Prison Escape Is a Mole in the System


Did you know Sher Singh Rana, Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi’s killer, walked out of prison with his friends dressed up like the police officers who were to escort him to Roorkee for his hearing? India’s most notorious conman, Natwarlal, who was sentenced for an incredible 113 years by various courts, promised to pay a police officer a large amount of money if he helped him to escape after which the entire bundle of cash just caught fire all by itself.

In The Most Notorious Jailbreakers, journalist Abeer Kapoor helps you meet some really ‘infamous’ people, all of them criminals, who have escaped the gated walls of prisons all over India. From a math and computer teacher who is actually a rapist on parole, to a backward caste gangster famous for his bloodshedding escapade, and a former PM of a princely state who will do anything to con the authorities; Abeer pieces together the escape plans of 16 such notorious convicts who gave authorities hell, every time.

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ABEER KAPOOR, 28, is a journalist and the creator of India’s first election-based board game called ‘The Poll’. He is a graduate of Azim Premji University, Bangalore. His articles have appeared in Hardnews, the Wire, Scroll, Quartz and others. He has been profiled by CNN, Vice, the Diplomat and several other national and international publications. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, with street dogs and is building several other board games.

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