Hawakal Publishers to publish The Kolkata Cadence

This 15 January, Hawakal Publishers releases an anthology of 25 contemporary Kolkata poets, titled The Kolkata Cadence. The volume, graced by a substantial foreword by Sanjeev Sethi, is a glorious celebration of the city’s vibrant literary culture. The editors—Jagari Mukherjee, Inam Hussain Mullick, and Anindita Bose—bring together Kolkata’s most loved poets in a grand literary concoction. Enthralling in a poetic sensibility, the anthology is an eclectic selection of verses for poetry-lovers and readers. It opens up vistas that reveal a kaleidoscopic assortment, giving tantalizing glimpses of beauty as one soaks in the ambiance of the cultural capital of India. From established voices like Sharmila Ray, Sanjukta Dasgupta, Boudhayan Mukherjee, Anjana Basu, Kushal Poddar, Kiriti Sengupta, Sonnet Mondal to emerging talents like Amit Shankar Saha, Arnab Chatterjee, Linda Ashok, Sufia Khatoon, among others, the editors have curated works of the contemporary city poets with a considerable publication history. Describing the collection as a polyphonic soirée, Sethi claims in his foreword, “[…] Kolkata is currently one of the most vibrant cities in prosodic explorations,” but adds a word of caution: “[…] imparity is the essence of any mélange.” 

Picture Credit: Hawakal Publishers
Picture Credit: Hawakal Publishers

As co-editor Inam Hussain Mullick states, “In a postcolonial sense of reversal, English is a language of poetry, imagination, and revolution.” The Kolkata Cadence: contemporary Kolkata poets is a masterly collection that deserves to be read and explored by readers and scholars alike. 

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