Fingerprint to Publish By God: The Making of a Messiah by Shashi Warrier

Picture Credit: Fingerprint
Picture Credit: Fingerprint

Ghublistan. An island resplendent with the Divine Herb. A country rich in bat guano. A society where people are content, happy to serve their Prophet.

But the country is experiencing a surge in emigration, and the Prophet is getting restless.

In an attempt to find out why, Alkanza, the Prophet, commands the Custodian of the Divine Gardens to temporarily leave this utopian society and get him some answers. Commanded by the ruler, His Excellency Tomikanza embarks upon a riveting, perilous journey with his not-so-faithful barber, Neepane, in an endeavour to understand this strange beast called democracy in, first, what is the world’s largest republic, second, what is a unique mix of God’s rule and self-governance, and third, what is touted to be the modern world’s oldest democracy.

Through the journey of two Ghublistanis as they meet inept policemen, blundering spies, and sleazy politicians, By God: The Making of a Messiah gives a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the religio-political system, subtly but powerfully unmasking its inherent vices, shortcomings, duplicity, and hypocrisy.

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