Book Review: Agents of Change by Mike Thomas

Book Name: Agents of Change

Author: Mike Thomas

Publisher: Rupa

Genre: Non-fiction/Self-help

Rating: 5/5

Book Blurb: Both at work and at home, our lives are growing more and more hectic and it can be hard to survive, much less thrive, at the pace of progress. Technology has brought new and better ways to create, to communicate and to collaborate but has also filled our time with clutter, craziness and chaos. There is more potential than ever to fill our careers and our lives with magical experience, but we seldom make enough time or space to realize that potential. Agents of Change is a collection of stories, examples and fables that provide ideas and insights for creating a superpowered innovation program, organizational culture and purposeful life. While our life is, and bound to be, full of distractions, this book will help you to unleash your inner superhero and to become an Agent of Change.

Review: In Agents of Change, Mike Thomas talks about the innovative process and how anybody can become an agent of change. The author has a lot of experience in the field of innovative business and has utilised his knowledge to compile this interesting book.

“Innovation is messy, as is life, and as we move forward, I truly do not believe that there is some cookie cutter 12-step process to sort everything out.”

Nothing in the book is new and all these approaches will be familiar to those who work in business administration but the presentation is quite unique. Mike explains by giving examples and ample anecdotes which makes the concept easier and a delight to read.

Agents of Change covers almost all aspects of daily and business life. It discusses in depth some of the common and well known aspects such as the Domino effect, R&D challenges and first world problems. It teaches you to forego the workaholic approach and work smarter.

“Your work will become more instrumental and not just incremental.”

Some chapters such as rebels with a cause are very interesting. A reader will likely identify with the scenarios and leaders discussed in this book. The suggestions and approaches offered are not very hard to implement. This is a highly motivational read and worth exploring. The book closes with 50 quotes from great leaders.

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