Book Review: 50 Desi Super Drinks by Lovneet Batra

Book Name: 50 Desi Super Drinks

Author: Lovneet Batra

Publisher: Rupa

Genre: Non-fiction

Rating: 5/5

Picture Credit: Rupa

Book Blurb: Discover how papaya can help you have a healthy gut. Learn how to burn fat with a three-ingredient juice. Experience how kahwa can uplift your mood instantly. There is ever-growing evidence that relatively simple principles help create a healthy lifestyle. And yet, we seem to be more confused than ever. Acclaimed nutritionist Lovneet Batra shows you how easy it is to become healthy, happy and glowing! Her book, 50 Desi super drinks, is a vibrant guide that takes you on an adventure to heal yourself naturally and introduces you to the exciting world of Indian super drinks. Delicious, simple and nourishing, these super drinks serve as natural remedies for more than 100 conditions ranging from anaemia, excess weight, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndromes, headaches and so much more. Not just that, these Desi Elixir can also be your energy Booster, beauty shot, anti-ageing solution, memory Booster and even hangover cure! The book contains 50 perfectly balanced, delicious drink recipes that can be made in minutes. So, find the perfect drink and SIP your stress and those extra pounds away!.

Review: Lovneet Batra’s 50 Desi Super Drinks explains the benefits from some super recipes. She explains the chemistry behind every drink and why its good for the human body.

“This book talks about everyday food and the underestimated power it comes with. It takes us beyond counting calories and eating exotic food that travels thousands of miles before getting on our plate.”

The drinks explained in this book are not exotic and easily available. The book starts with the benefits of sugarcane juice. This is a welcome effort as most dieticians in India write about diets which a normal Indian has never even heard of. Who eats Asparagus or Kiwi on a daily basis in India? There’s little point in following such copy-paste diets which are expensive on the purse. This is why this book is so good as it covers drinks that most of us see and consume regularly.

Each chapter starts with the history behind the drink, some anecdotes and the chemistry behind the drink. Then the chapter explains why it is so good for the body-the ingredients, vitamins and other nutrients. The chapter ends with a simple recipe which includes serving size and preparation time.

There is a lot of research behind this book and it shows.

Our body undergoes many changes as we age and mostly, the ability of the body to digest certain food items also goes down. One commonly encountered symptom is lactose intolerance which is largely due the fact that as the body ages, its ability to produce the enzyme to digest lactose goes down. But half the public doesn’t know this fact and has to face a lot of stomach noises due to this issue. Each human body is built differently and we must focus on our body and try to identify drinks that can reverse the process of ageing. Nobody can deny that we all become old one day and ultimately succumb to death but the quality of life is in our hands. A good diet can definitely delay senescence and provide us a healthy life.

“Pineapples are a natural mineral powerhouse resource of manganese, a trace mineral that is needed for the body to build bone and connective tissues”.

50 Desi Super Drinks will provide you the motivation that is required. It is a simple book, written in an easy to understand manner. It does not complicate things and will explain why the drinks you’re drinking are good and if your’e not aware of the correct recipe, you can learn it from this handy book.

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