Bloomsbury to Publish How Fear Works by Frank Furedi

Bloomsbury to Publish How Fear Works Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century by Frank Furedi

Successor to The Culture of Fear – Furedi’s earlier defining book.

Furedi is now semi-retired from his Chair at the University of Kent and devotes much time to lecturing throughout the world – Australia and the USA in particular.

This book is timely and attuned to current sensibilities

About the book: In 1997, Frank Furedi published a book called Culture of Fear. It was widely acclaimed as a perceptive and prophetic book and sold well in hardback and paperback. Now Furedi returns to his original theme, as most of what he predicted has come true.

After a short introduction on the changing forms of fear in history, he draws a contrast between fear mediated through religion (fear of God and ancestors) and fear mediated through secular culture. This being established, Furedi’s main concern is with forms of fear during the modern era.

Fear has become a problem in its own right to the extent that people now use the term ‘culture of fear’ as an everyday idiom. Fear has become detached from its material and physical source and experienced as a secular version of a transcendental force. So now fear has become a ‘Perspective’ accepted throughout society. Society is trained to believe that the threats it faces are incalculable and cannot be controlled or regulated -all this has resulted in a redefinition of personhood. As a consequence we are constantly searching for new forms of security, both physical and ontological. What is the role of the media in promoting fear and who actually benefits from this culture of fear? These are some of the issues Furedi tackles and much more.

About the author: Professor Frank Furedi is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at The University of Kent. A public intellectual and commentator greatly in demand, he is the author of a number of acclaimed books including most relevantly The Culture of Fear, The Politics of Fear, Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone? and Paranoid Parenting, all published by Continuum.

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