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Book Review: Agents of Change by Mike Thomas

Picture Credit: Rupa

Book Name: Agents of Change Author: Mike Thomas Publisher: Rupa Genre: Non-fiction/Self-help Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: Both at work and at home, our lives are growing more and more hectic and it can be hard to survive, much less thrive,…

The rivalry between Mirza Ghalib and Zauq

It is said that Urdu poetry would be incomplete without two of its biggest pillars, Mir and Mirza Ghalib. Mirza Ghalib was a maverick character and has become immortal among the lovers of Urdu poetry. His status is legendary and…

Book Review: The Microphone Men by Priyadarshi Dutta

Picture Credit: Indus Source Books

Book Name: The Microphone Men Author: Priyadarshi Dutta Publisher: Indus Source Books Genre: History Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb: A gripping accounts of how a few good men, without any inherited authority of military clout, laboured to shape the political destiny…