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ऋषिकेश से ग्वारीघाट तक

१ कहानी शुरू हुई थी २०१० मे अगर मुझे ठीक से याद है तो। शायद २०११ मे भी हो सकती है। अब मुझे याद नहीं। खैर, तारीखे जरूरी नहीं, हम बेवजह तारीखों मे उलझ के रह जाते है। जबकि उससे…

Book Review: Tell Her Everything by Mirza Waheed

Picture Credit: Westland

Book Name: Tell Her Everything Author: Mirza Waheed Publisher: Context/ Westland Genre: Fiction Rating: 3.7/5 Book Blurb: ‘You see, Sara, it had to happen … I couldn’t have prevented it, could I? It could have been anyone, and it was…

Westland to Publish NO TRESSPASSING by Brinda S. Narayan

Picture Credit: Westland

When Vedika and her family move into Fantasia, the place seems idyllic. The by-invitation, ultra-luxury gated community has breathtaking features. A centrally air-conditioned clubhouse with a bar, lounge and all sports facilities. Spanish-styled villas set around a lake, a golf…